2Bee Public Sale [CLOSED]

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Public Sale
from February 19st
to March 19st
Do not miss the opportunity to be one of the first to jump into the crypto hive.

We do not know where this movement can go, what we do know is that the first to arrive always have an advantage.


Minimum: 0.2 BNB

Maximum: 10 BNB

Cost: 0.00012 BNB

2Bee World


You will get 30% immediately; and for the res, we will unlock the remaining 70% in 2 blocks

(35% will be release one month later, and the second 35% another month later)


The Smart Contract allows you to request your unblocked tokens once they are released. We will add a functionality in the 2Bee World webpage to make the process super easy via CLAIM MY TOKENS button.

Platform: This website though metamask.

Attention! Get 5% of the investment made by your affiliates, and they will get a 2% extra as well as other additional rewards in our referral program.

Insert your email to generate your affiliate link before making the payment.