2BEE is a progressive deflationary token with a charity use case focused on saving bees from the extinction through the regeneration of its ecosystems around the world.


To be able of achieving this goal the 20% of the circulating supply will be donated progressively to different NGOs with the capabilities to distribute the token across the globe to thousands of collaborators and local businesses making the token used in the real world.


Joining this project long term holders will generate passive incomes and will be part of one of the most relevant blockchain-based ethical projects of this decade.

Find out how! Read our whitepaper.


2BEE project is developing a marketplace to connect producers and consumers, as well a NFT collection that will grant exclusive access to different goods. If you want to know more, check our RoadMap!

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Unicrypt will be used to maintain value and protect the community. Earn passive income with 1% of each transaction distributed to the holders. Additonally the value of the token will increase becase another 1% will be burned at every transaction. The 20% of circulating supply belong to the Bees and is reserved in the charity wallet to save them and its ecosystems.

We believe in an honest and transparent approach. You can check our roadmap and solve any doubt in our telegram channel.


Supporting NGOs with donations has the side effect of making the 2Bee Token used in the real world as a real payment method. This will happen de facto across all locations where the NGOs network is established.

To complement this plan, we are creating a global online platform to interconnect local beekeepers around the world allowing 2Bee Token holders to sponsor beehives getting exclusive Queen Bee NFT Tokens that can be exchanged by different pure Bee products provided directly from the local beekeepers such as Bio Honey, Royal jelly, etc.


1) Install Metamask

Go to project’s official website metamask.io and and install the extension in your web browser. Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge all support Metamask.

Click on “Create a Wallet” to make a new wallet and follow the instructions. Be sure to store the seed phrase safely.

Now, add the BINANCE SMART CHAIN to the Metamask following these instructions.

2) Send BNB To Metamask

Now you can add funds to your wallet. Click on your wallet address to copy it, then send BNB to that address from an exchange.

You will see your balance in the lower portion of the wallet once your funds have been deposited.

3) Connect To PancakeSwap

Go to https://pancakeswap.finance/ and click the “Connect Wallet” button. When Metamask asks for your signature, go ahead and sign it.

4) BNB for 2Bee

Now you can swap your BNB for 2Bee. Set your slippage to 1-5% and add your desired BNB amount and the correct 2Bee amount will be calculated.

Click on the Swap button to finalize the trade.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Become a Partner and save the World

Do you emphatize with our cause? We need as much help as possible to impulse our project around the globe, save bees, the flora and the ecosystems. Do you share our goals? Do you have a similar project? Please, contact us via Telegram or Email

Is the liquidity locked?

To protect our investors, the liquidity held in the pool token’s movement is locked with a time-based function . This means it can’t be moved or redeemed until a predefined time has passed.

This prevents presale token holders and founding developers from removing liquidity suddenly, and dropping the token value. In addition, 2Bee has a fixed market cap with no additional token minting. The code of the contract is public .

Is the contract audited?

The contract have been audited by leading blockchain analytics firm TechRate. Check the report

You may review the BEP-20 smart contract here

How can I ensure I'm eligible for 1% rewards?

Hold 2Bee in your non-custodial BSC wallet.

Why am I getting an error when trying to buy on Pancakeswap?

This is likely due to slippage. Click on the gear button in the top right of the window and set your slippage to a bigger %.

Do you have a roadmap?

Check it here.

Do you have a whitepaper?

Check it here.

Can I buy using Ethereum?

No, 2Bee is not on Ethereum and only on Binance Smart Chain.